Jury Profiles

Hidetoshi Sotooka

Head of Jury, Crafting Kanpai!

Journalist, Researcher at Hokkaido University Public Policy School

1953 Born in Sapporo
1977 Graduates from Faculty of Law, Tokyo University;
1977 Joins Asahi Shimbun. Writes for Arts, Society, and International Sections; Special correspondant in New York;

Editor at Aera; Editorial board member; Head of Europe office. From 2006 to 2008 is editor-in-chief at the Tokyo office. Retires in 2011

Books: Jishin to shakai [Earthquakes and society], (Misuzu); Jouhou no sabakikata: Shinbun kisha no jissen hinto [Deciphering information: Hints from a newspaper reporter], (Asahi Press); Shinsai to genbaku kokka no ayamachi: bungaku de yomitoku 3/11 [Earthquakes and nuclear power, a national mistake: The disasters of March 11 in literature], (Asahi Press), and others.

Okaz Design

(Food and graphic design team Hideharu Yoshioka, Tomoko Yoshioka)

In 2000, Okaz Design is formed, with the purpose of making simple and universal things that get better over time, creating recipes for food used in printed matter and advertisements, developing tableware, and supervising food production in film and TV.
In 2008, the food and tableware shop Kamoshika opens in Suginami Ward, Tokyo. Open once a month, Kamoshika displays tableware by various artists, sells seasonal preserved food, and develops food projects.

Books: Butagohan [Pork and rice] (Popura Publishing); Shokudou katatsumori no ryouri [Recipes from Snail Cafeteria] (Popura Publishing); Tsukutte oku, totte oku [Cooking ahead and preserving food] (NHK Publishing).
Film: Produced food for the film Recipes from Snail Cafeteria and for NHK’s TV series Teppan.

Masako Okamoto

Textile artist and chairperson of the Japan Craft Design Association

1953 Born in Fukuoka
1975 Graduated from Kanazawa College of Art, School of Crafts.
2005~2008 Board member of the Japan Craft Design Association
2009~2012 Vice-chair of the Japan Craft Design Association

Founding member of Teoriya, a textile shop in Ogawa, Kanda
Does various textile work, mainly hand-spinning and hand-weaving of wool
As adjunct lecturer at Tama Art University, holds the workshop “Making thread”
Participates in workshops and exhibitions around Japan

Tetsuya Onodera

Director, Sapporo Beer Museum

1962 Born in Hokkaido
1986 Graduates from Faculty of Commerce, Keio University
1986 Joins Sapporo Breweries, Ltd.
2004-2006 Head of the First Department of Wine Sales at Metropolitan Area Main Office and Head of West Tokyo subsidiary office of the Metropolitan Area Main Office
2010 Head of Department of Distribution at the Hokkaido Main Office and Head of the First Department of Distribution at the Hokkaido Main Office
2013 Serves as Vice-President of Hokkaido Main Office, Director of Sapporo Beer Museum, and Head of Department of Sales Management at Hokkaido Main Office

Sapporo Beer Museum, the only beer museum in Japan, was opened in July of 1987 to provide visitors with a varied knowledge of beer and brewing. The building which now houses the Sapporo Beer Museum was constructed in 1890 as a factory for the Sapporo Sugar Company, and in 1905 it was renovated as a brewery for Sapporo Beer. Together with the old red brick Hokkaido Government Office, the building is a rare cultural legacy from the Meiji Era. The Sapporo Beer Factory and Museum have been designated as official Hokkaido Heritage sites.

Sapporo Breweries, Ltd. web site:

Sapporo Beer Museum web site:

Satoshi Katono

Sapporo City University, Professor

1955 Born in Fukushima Prefecture
1986 Tokyo National University of Fine Arts, Sculpture Master Diploma
1993~2006 Sapporo School of the Arts, Visual Communication Design, Associate Professor, Professor
2006 Sapporo City University, Professor
2010 Sapporo City University Graduate School of Design, Professor
Major Exhibitions
2001 Five Artists from Northern Japan, Kampnagel k3, Hamburg, Germany
2003 Shirotae, Contemporary Arts International, Hamburg, Germany (Solo exhibition)
2003 Northern Creators―Fiction/Fact: Skin/Membrane, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sapporo
2005 Interaction: Wechselwirkung, Ernst Barlach Museum, Wedel, Germany
2006 Fix・Mix・Max! The Frontline of Contemporary Art, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
2014 Distant Observations. Fukushima in Berlin, Kunstraum Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany
Regional projects
2000 Art Coordinator, Sapporo Lifelong Learning Center (Chieria) Art Planning
2004 Art Director, Flags of Peace (Beautiful Japanese Heart Project), Sapporo Convention Center
2008 Head of Jury, “Scenes with Rice” Art Exhibition
2004~2013 Art Director, Akabira/Nunobiki,Horonai/Shimizusawa,Yubari/Honbetsu Mining Heritages Art Project

Makoto Koizumi

Furniture designer

Studied under furniture designers Choei Hara and Shigemitsu Hara
1990 Established Koizumi Studio
2003 Opened Koizumi Douguten as a place to inform good design
Deeply involved with design in lifestyle at all levels, from chopstick rests to architecture, he is presently busy with projects all over Japan.
2002 Good Design Award (Japan Institute of Design Promotion)
2002 Good Design Gold Award (Japan Institute of Design Promotion)
2012 Mainichi Design Prize
2013 JCD International Design Gold Award
  (Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association)
2013 JCD International Design Silver Award
  (Japan Commercial Environmental Design Association)

Tomoyoshi Sato

Director, Sapporo Art Museum

1952 Born in Kushiro
1974 Graduates from Hokkaido University of Education Sapporo; Master planner, Hokkaido Board of Education Art Museum; Curator, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
1985~1987 Chief Curator, Asahikawa Museum of Art
1987~2004 Sub-chief, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
2004 Assistant Director, Hokkaido Museum of Modern Art
2012 Director, Sapporo Art Museum