Guidelines for applicants

Exhibition rules:

Eligibility: Professionals, amateurs, individuals, and businesses are eligible.
Categories: Ceramics/Porcelain; Glasswork; Metalwork; Woodcraft (Including furniture); Lacquerware; Lighting; Textiles, Other.
  1. Freestanding works cannot exceed 100 cm in height, width, or depth
  2. Works to be hung on walls cannot exceed 200 cm in height and 150 cm in width
  3. Works cannot exceed 10 kg. in weight
  4. There is no restriction on the type of material used or on the type of craft.
  5. Works consisting of multiple pieces will be counted as a single work within the above restrictions.
Terms of application
  • Only new works that have not been previously exhibited will be accepted.
  • Works that contain materials that are dangerous to handle or materials that change or degrade will not be accepted.
  • Any work that is awarded the Grand Prix or a Second Prize shall become the property of the organizers of this exhibition.
  • Copyrights and design rights remain with the artist.
  • Application constitutes consent for the organizers of the exhibition to use the work in printed materials, publications, or other forms of publicity.

Fees for submitting works to be judged

JPY 6000 per work.
* One person may submit up to five works.
* Submission fees will not be refunded, except in cases of clerical error.

Applying to submit a work

Download the application sheet from the button below, complete the form and pay the submission fees by registered mail (genkin kakitome). After the application has been processed, artists will be mailed a receipt and a data sheet.
All applications must be postmarked by Saturday, April 12, 2014.
> Application deadline has been extended.(UPDATE:May 5, 2014)

Submission of works

Dates and times of submission: May 19 ~ 21, 2014. From 10:00 to 16:30.
Process: Artists may bring their own work or may have it delivered by a delivery service.
Submit to: “Craft de Kanpai”, Sapporo Art Park Art Hall, Sapporo Art Park 2-chome-75, Minami-ku, Sapporo
  1. Any costs associated with submission are to be borne by the artist.
  2. The work must be accompanied by its data sheet.
  3. Due to a lack of storage space, packing materials may be discarded. Do not use expensive materials for packing.
  4. If using a delivery service, it is the artist’s responsibility to confirm that the work will be delivered during the dates and times specified above. Any works arriving after this will not be accepted.

Sales of works

During the exhibition, exhibited works may be reserved by buyers. The organizers will charge a 30% commission on sales. In case of sponsors or other agencies wishing to produce a work, the organizers will mediate the request and special intermediary fees will be negotiated.

Returning of works to artists

Process: Artists may pick up their own work or may have it returned by delivery service.
  1. Works not selected to be exhibited: When the judging results are sent out, details about when and where to pick up the work will be included. Artists may pick up their work themselves, or they may request the organizers to return them by delivery service. Works will be returned within one month of the judging.
  2. Works selected to be exhibited: Unsold works will be returned to the artist after the exhibition ends.
  1. All deliveries will be C.O.D. and costs will vary according to location.
  2. Works may be returned in packaging different than that originally used.

Download application sheet